Mark Saioni

A graduate of West Virginia University with a B.S. Degree in Landscape Architecture.  Mark is living his dream when it comes to career.  Having entered into the Landscape profession  at an early age,  Mark has seen and done any and everything when it comes to Landscaping and sitework.  Given his experiences both at school and in the field,  Mark possesses a broad wealth of knowledge that proves to serve client needs beyond expectation,  and it is exactly this fact that separates Exclusive Land Design from its competitors.  Mark is concerned with more than just what looks good.  All variables are taken into consideration when developing landscape plans,  such as coordination with other contractors,  consideration of climate,  drainage,  soil quality,  placement,  future plans,  flood zones,  and so on.  These variables contribute to the reputation that Exclusive Land Design has earned,  as a knowledgeable,  professional,  creative,  honest and dependable partner,  all reflective of the characteristics of Mark himself.

Mike Saioni

Younger brother of Mark,  Mike rejoined Exclusive Land Design in 2008.  With a B.A. Degree in Economics & Business from Lafayette College,  Mike worked for AXA Equitable and Harland Clarke in New York and New Jersey respectively before deciding that coming back home was the most desirable situation.  No stranger to the Landscaping industry,  Mike helped his brother build Exclusive Land Design from the ground up for 6 years before entering corporate America.  Mike obtained world class sales and client management training while working for two top tier companies and is working to incorporate those methods into the daily business activities and business structure of Exclusive Land Design in order to provide the highest form of service to the customers of ELD.

Marion Saioni

Marion is the mother of Mark and Mike and she proudly serves as Treasurer for Exclusive Land Design.  In this capacity,  Marion is responsible for the company’s financial reporting,  balance sheet,  and various daily managerial activities.  Marion has served proudly since the company’s inception in 1999.  Marion is widely considered the backbone of Exclusive Land Design, Inc.